Sunday, 4 September 2011


Etiquette is a code of good manners that a nurse should follow. The nurse is an important member of the health team that must work in co-operation and harmony for the care of the sick. For a smooth functioning and a good interpersonal relationship. You as a nurse should follow certain essential good manners:

  • You should be courteous to all. Be gentle and polite in your talk.
  • You should greet your seniors, co-workers, your patients etc with appropriate words and according to the time of the day.
  • you should address the seniors with proper title eg Sir, Madam, Sister, Mister, Miss etc.
  • Stand up when people of higher rank enter your room.
  • Stand up when answering questions in the class room.
  • Open the door for the seniors and stand aside for them to pass.
  • Excuse yourself when overtaking a senior person.
  • Maintain silence wherever and whenever necessary.
  • Keep your dress neat and tidy.
  • While on duty never use any form of jewellery that may interfere with work.
  • Obey seniors without arguing.
  • Help the seniors to carry a heavy load if you find them on the way.
  • Say "Thank you" when some one is doing a favour for you.
  • Do not delay your answers to the questions. give the answers immediately and appropriately.
  • Be punctual.
  • Keep eye contact and sit face to face when listening to someone.
  • Never let others secret go out of you.
  • Do not cover the mouth while talking to others.
  • Excuse yourself before you interfere with others engaged in a talking or doing some work.

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