" Never feel shy to ask the ingredients in a dish, especially when fine dining. Most chefs are willing to accommodate you. Ask if a dish can be grilled or lightly sauteed,and ask for the side dishes served on separate plates so you can better judge portion sizes. If you have a concern, call ahead so the chef can consider making something special for you."

"Prepackaged meals are cheap, quick potions for dinner. But they can cost you your health. Fresh foods are magically, naturally delicious. Cook your own meals."

"One-dish meals integrate all the flavours. Plus, you can reduce the portion while increasing the vegetable or grains and still have a very pleasing, filling dish."

Did you know?

Green tea is good for those with diabetes. But that's only a small part of its amazing health benefits.[Read More]

Depression can increase your risk of diabetes.
Depression and diabetes are intimately linked. A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine published by the American Medical Association reveals that those who are depressed are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Conversely, those who are already have Type 2 diabetes are at a great risk of developing depression.

Q. Is artificial sweeteners are advisable for people without any serious health-weight problems to be using sugar substitutes? Should it be used in moderation? Why?

A. Artificial sweeteners should still not play an important role in a healthy and balanced diet. In spite of the green signal given to most of the sweeteners, they are no substitute for good nutrition. They do not contain calories.[Read more]

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