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Weaning is the transferring of an infant from breast feeding to normal feeding. Breast feed should not be stopped all of a sudden. Weaning can start from the 5th or 6th month. The process should be gradual. The child can be completely weaned at the end of 9th or 10th month. The breast milk can be replaced by cow's milk and some solid foods.

Points to remember in the introduction of solids to infant's diet.
  • Introduce only one new food item at a time. Allow the infant to become familiar with the same before starting the other.
  • Give very small quantity of any new foods.
  • Use very thin consistency when starting solid foods.
  • Bribes or threats should never be used to get a child to eat.
  • Whenever possible the child should be permitted to feed himself, but quietly give help when he shows his inability to eat.
  • Never force an infant to eat more of a food than what he takes willingly.
  • If after several trials, the baby dislikes a food, omit that item for a week or two and try it again. If the dislike persists, it is better to omit that food and substitute another.
  • Use foods of smooth consistency. When the baby is able to chew, gradually substitute finely chopped fruits and vegetables.
  • Mother or anyone feeding the baby must be careful to avoid showing any dislikes for the food given to the infant.
  • There should be choice for food.

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